Dynamic Positioning (DP) Simulator Based Courses and other offshore courses

We take immense pleasure to announce the commencement of various Offshore courses in the heart of Chennai. We have now been accredited to Nautical Institute, UK for DP Induction Course (BASIC) and DP Simulator Course (ADVANCED) course. The DP courses are offered on the latest Kongsberg simulator K-Sim DP Class B simulator and K-Pos Class C simulator. 

HIMT Offshore is an independent entity which offers all the offshore courses and HIMT becomes the 1st institute in SOUTH INDIA to offer NI approved DP courses to the industry. HIMT as is known to offer quality training at most competitive fees, the fees for the DP courses is lowest in the World. Thus, HIMT breaks one more record to offer LOWEST FEES IN THE GLOBE for Offshore courses. HIMT, as we know is the only institute of India, which offers maximum courses approved by DG Shipping and now with opening the array of offshore courses, will be the only institute of India, which offers all disciplines of Presea courses (Nautical cadets, Engineering cadets, GP ratings, ETO) to specialized post sea courses including revalidation courses for Masters and Chief engineers, and also EXTRA First class engineering course.

Scope of the Course :

The Dynamic Positioning Induction course, meets, in general, the requirements of STCW Guidelines, IMO circular MSC/738, IMCA guidelines as per IMCA circular M 117 and in particular the Course Objectives as per Nautical Institute Circular Accreditation of Dynamic Positioning Training (DPACCSTD-v1.1-Jan 2017).

The scope of this course is to provide prospective DP Operators with introductory training on the theory and practice of Dynamic Positioning that fulfils the requirements of Phase A of the Nautical Institute Scheme which follows the recommendations contained in the IMO codes and the IMCA guidelines.

Mindful of the fact that the course is targeted mainly towards beginners to the Off-shore industry, the trainees will be also introduced to the basic function and operations of various vessels in the Off-shore industry. The trainees will be familiarized with different facilities using D.P systems and their typical functional abilities.

Entry Standards :

The minimum requirement for the trainee is to hold a Certificate of Competency (STCW Regulation II/1 – II/2 – II/3 Deck & Regulation III/1 – III/2 – III/3 Engine) as a Deck/Engine/Electrical Officer issued by any Flag State Administration.



  1. Engineers & Electrical Officers can apply for a NI DPO License only on completion of the other phases of the Training Scheme as DP watch-Keeping Officers.
  1. Deck Cadets will be allowed to attend this course if they can provide satisfactory evidence of working towards a Deck Officers Certificate of Competency. Cadets can now do Phase A, B and C and then wait for STCW Cert to complete the rest of the time (Phase D)

Attendance :

All trainees shall be expected to maintain a 100% record of attendance. In exceptional cases, a trainee may be permitted to be absent for a maximum of one day only on the authority of the Head of Department. Topics missed out by the trainee during his absence shall be covered by holding extra lectures on subsequent days. Trainees absent for over a day shall be asked to attend the relevant days during a later course. Additionally the candidate needs to pay 10% of the course fee per day for the same.



Assessment :

The Nautical Institute has in place an On-Line Examination process for the assessment of the Trainees. The training centre shall facilitate the conduct of the on-line examination for all the trainees who have satisfied the Attendance criteria. The assessment of the trainees shall be based on the outcome of the on-line examination.

The on-line system is as per the Nautical Institute Circular – D.P. Examination System for Accredited D.P. Training Centres by Nautical training Institute (version 3.01). Candidates are permitted 3 attempts as follows:

– First Attempt on the same day as the completion of the course at HIMT OFFSHORE

– Second Attempt within 24 hours of the completion of the first attempt at HIMT OFFSHORE

– Third attempt within 6 months of completion of the first attempt at any training centre.

– Candidates failing in the on-line exam on the third attempt have to repeat the course.

Certification & Nautical Institute Logbook :

Candidates satisfying the attendance criteria and passing the N.I. on-line examination shall be considered to have successfully completed the course. They shall be issued with a course completion certificate and the Nautical Institute Logbook.

Candidates unable to pass the on-line exam shall only be issued with a Course Attendance Certificate. No N.I. Logbook shall be issued until the candidate passes the on-line exam.


Non DGS Approved Course. 
Demand Draft drawn in favour of “HIMT OFFSHORE” payable at Chennai
Course Fees is Inclusive of GST